Elin Tanding Sørensen

Norway (citizenship) °1970
research interests: artistic research, artistic method, architectural research, urban blue, more-than-human, more-than-human care, urban ecology and water-management, co-creational practices, experimental archeology, marine landscape architecture, marine biology, ecological engineering, ethic of wonder, nature as mentor, multispecies urbanism, undisciplined
affiliation: Matter, Gesture and Soul research project: University of Bergen, Faculty og Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD)

Elin T. Sørensen is a visual artist, animator and landscape architect, trained in Norway, Finland and Estonia. She is currently a PhD-fellow at the Faculty of Landscape and Society, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU. Her practice builds on site-specific concerns and fascination for nature – especially our relationship to the Ocean. Thus, environmental issues are at the forefront of long-term process-oriented works, often expressed as temporary situations where artefacts return to the original context or material cycle when the show is over. Her research interests include the urban blue, urban ecology and water-management, co-creation practices and more-than-human care. She is currently finalizing a doctoral study with the working title Making Space for the Urban Blue.

Correspondence contact information: elin.sorensen@nmbu.no


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