"The Art of Impact" is one of three course profiles within the Master’s program for Film and Media. Through augmented realities and immersive media, we have enhanced our awareness of the existing reality – but who’s reality? Will art ever be the same again?

We believe collaboration is essential in order for us to understand our world of the past, our present-day world – and what is at stake.

Navigating complexity and uncertainty, 360° cameras and binaural sound design have been tools for understanding conflicts. Storytellers play a crucial role in framing how our societies understand both the crises of our time, and their solutions. We educate progressive storytellers that shape the future narratives of our recovery. Artist who formulate principles for a new direction in tech, built for engagement and empowerment.

Methodology courses and practical fieldwork have been interlinked with visits to exhibitions, seminars on literature and the study of knowledge philosophy and critical theory.

With a strong focus on narrative and audience, distribution and participation we have created projects for public spaces, artistic projects based on research methods from a documentary tradition.

The ART in The Art of Impact has taken place with no boundaries between different forms of expression. Although it is not possible to measure, the students have grown on all fronts, included and allowed themselves to be included so obviously.

The Art of Impact 2018-2020 profile leaders are interdepartmental: Ulrika Malmgren, Assistant Professor in Performances at Department of Acting and Tinna Joné, Assistant Professor of Documentary Storytelling at Department of Film and Media


Stockholm University of the Arts



Tinna Joné
Ulrika Malmgren