3 Output examples

1.    The Pi version with Robin and Song Thrush

Dawn chorus recorded on International Dawn Chorus Day, 2019 (own recording). Auto poem generated from this, then fed into text to voice app (Read Aloud), voice sound file fed back into translator to translate the voice back into a Solresol words shown as a colour pattern.

Full version with own recording of Blackbird (and Robin) evening May 2018 (not heard initially). Text is translated to Enochian. Drones have been added and the colour lightness and saturation vary with the song loudness.

Full version with own recording of Robin singing at night May 2019. Dark setting and minor key

1.    Full version with recording of dawn chorus mostly Blackbirds, 5.30am sunrise recording March 2016 UK

1.    The Lite version. Skylark then Song Thrush then Robin (own recording).

Prop bird mask by Kevin Buckley and sketch by artist for proposed film featuring the Translator (currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions)

Song Thrush piano music generated by full version and Song Thrush


  Auto Poem - Blackbird



In between the dark and the night

Dusk chorus song objectified -

no self-raise imperative slander.


Watch Moon, past complacent humidity gathers

Immortalize other, captivate water for religion’s fashion.


August moon,

One bake insight -

Short inexplicable sweet latrines.


Cowardice mortifies, sings fear, complicate enmity billion

And dishonour.  Clarify temperature to progress verb imperfection -

Any imperfect church remedy to forget present fabric decree.


Posterity deliberates, fidelity to the cold sky take

Jurisprudence, madame hunchback deformity skip religion

If infinity eggs belong to draw fireworks.


April, character my star, the complacent

Theology fountain, Catholicism’s trial drags the mister

Bow passage, wrinkle, workshop ivory

Madness to imperative times.


No birth wood itch, little mechanic injustice,

Hat eight to unfaithfulness.


Flour encyclopaedic eggs, marine adopt thunder see butter good

No encourage past, so, fear build occasional universe

And frequency earth decomposes.


In eggs diversify and humidity breathe his salt.

Glorify asphyxiate, consolidate universe, Change to asphalt voice.


Fear naivety to believe thunder, admire Christianity

Good Jesus mortifies to rosary.


History poeticize the season

Incomparable virus magnetizes asphalt strings,

empty nut to noble lapis.

1.  Piano music generated by Skylark and Translator full version. Automatically scored by MuseScore software

Artist (JL) reading an auto poem generated from own recording of a Blackbird. This was performed to a group of humanities PhD candidates during a writing retreat, September 2019

Harpsicord music in A minor generated by Skylark

Jamming session with pianist (Matthew Warren), Song Thrush and full version of software during writing retreat, September 2019.

Animated text of auto poem (using Reedy app) generated from Song Thrush silence is represented by a full-stop