Participant Reflections

"[This walk has inspired future walks], where once the precedent has been set for non-verbal shared walks in the spirit of mutual solidarity, future walks can embrace deepened quietude and feel safe without needing to communicate ourselves verbally. We both expressed a desire for that sort of mutualism to be more abundant (...)."


"(...) when we chose to circle around the docks a bit - this was the point for me when it turned from being a journey from A to B into an exploration or an adventure, where the destination was no longer the main goal." 


"(...) we were engaged in a kind of game. These reassuring/affable gestures became a site of mutual solidarity and invitation into game-culture. (...) Games and Laws share the commonality of both being based on rules; they stipulate the boundaries of acceptable activity. The game is emergent from mutual cultures whereas the Law is universal and its confines follow you everywhere. Social distancing could be an instance of both a law and a game."

"(...) the destination was no longer the main goal."