AŽI TRIO • تریو اژی

Aži Trio is an NYC-based ensemble founded by composer and pianist Saman Samadi, in collaboration with saxophonist Sarah Manning, and buchla-player Hans Tammen.

"When the atoms are travelling straight down through empty space by their own weight, at quite indeterminate times and places, they swerve ever so little from their course, just so much that you could call it a change of direction. If it were not for this swerve, everything would fall downwards like non-drops through the abyss of space. No collision would have taken place and no impact of atom on atom would have been created. Thus nature would never have created anything.” (Titus Lucretius Carus, 49 BC. Jason L. Saunders. Greek and Roman Philosophy After Aristotle, 1966.)


'19. Samadi, Saman. Aži Trio. Concert. “Dark Circuits Bunker Orchestra & Friends.” Organized by Hans Tammen. Saman Samadi, founder, leader, & pianist; Sarah Manning, saxophonist; Hans Tammen, buchla player. New York University, Waverly Building, New York, December 6, 2019.