‘What may have happened...’

augmenting the sense of sharing in a decentralized improvisation


Research by Johan van Kreij • Institute of Sonology

'What may have happened…' is a research driven by the desire to augment the sense of sharing in a decentralized improvisation—a creative musical situation in which the participants are in different locations. It focusses on extending the amount of communication channels in a decentralized improvisation setting, beyond the audible and visible. The aim is not just adding extra layers of data exchange, but introducing various modes of interaction. Specially developed software is used to realize this.

This research was made possible thanks to a number of persons who guided, assisted and inspired me or otherwise contributed to its realization. Specifically I wish to mention: 


Lex vd Broek

German Greiner

Peter van Bergen

Ranjit Hegde

Sean Bell

Christina Schönbach

Paul Craenen

Richard Barrett

The Royal Conservatoire