2015 04 18, Gerhard


On April 12 I received some more data sets from Pawel. The one we wanted, he couldn't find (membrane potential data from the spikes_noosc_200s data set). He shared the following data with us (potential data in italics):


spikes90_15.out, 16384 cells (layout unkown), 20s

alpha_volts30s.out, 405 cells (9x9x5), 30s

noosc_volts30s.out, 405 cells (9x9x5), 30s


higherrates2_spikes10s.out, 2672 cells (layout unkown), 10s

higherrates2_volts10s.out, 405 cells (9x9x5), 10s


2areasspikesISF4.out, 32559 cells (layout unkown), 20s

2areasvoltsISF4.out, 945 cells (layout unknown), 20s


spikesCriticality.out, 8192 cells (unknown layout), 18s

voltsCriticality.out, 1280 cells (16?x16?x5), 18s

The visualisation show all spikes and the audifications play the sum of all potntial data at the orginal rate (1 KHz) and at 44.1 kHz (i.e. 44.1 times faster).