In order to reach my goal, I am researching a number of things. First of all I aim to gain an understanding in maqam theory. That means, knowing what the different maqamat are in terms of tonal material and options for modulation. Which notes can be played, and which routes can the development of the scale take? To create a clear overview of this I want to take apart the theory. By understanding the underlying theoretical principals I think it will be easier to understand things within later analyses. For this information I want to rely mostly on the book Inside Arabic Music by J. Farraj & A. Shumays. Its detailed description of ajnas, maqamat and their development seems to give a good overview of the theory of the material. In relation to this I will take a look at some rhythmical patterns and song forms, to cover a broad spectrum of musical parameters to take inspiration from.

          Later on, I want to take a look at some pieces and improvisations. I want to analyse some musical examples to further establish my knowledge of the theory behind the maqam system, and see its applications in practice. For this I want to take a look at Hijaz Mandira (trad.) and Samaii Rast (T. Efendi). Secondly I will learn more about application of the material into my own playing practice, by looking at possibilities to play the material within a modern jazz repertoire. This will involve analysis of some arranged Arabic music, and arranging and composing some pieces of my own.