Biological connectivity map

Biological Anticipation

Biological integration map

However, it could be argued here that algorithmic anticipation is not identical to biological. Human as a biological body interacts with the world as a whole of the senses - multimodal, experience is not divided into separate layers[1]. A multimodal experience is known to equate to a greater value than the sum of the senses[2]. What a human sees is affected by other senses and the construct of consciousness. The biological anticipation construct is much more complex and intricate because it is not limited to the single sense from which the Space Syntax algorithm is calculated. Thus, it can be assumed that the actual human experience will not coincide with the algorithmic diagram (Fig. Algorithmic integration map).


This assumption can be verified on the basis of data collected from the 25th Space Frame experiment. During the creative workshops, participants were asked to perform certain tasks and record movement, visual, audio, and tactile information. These data were marked in the exhibition plan. With this material, it is possible to notice in which places of the exhibition space the participants were most concentrated, in which places certain senses were mostly active. From these data, an analogous Space Syntax diagram is reproduced (Fig. Biological integration map), which this time it represents the actual, multimodal experience of the experiment participants. It can be noticed that the human experience is structured differently than predicted by the algorithmic anticipation diagram. Here it can be assumed that such a biological experience arises from the fact that the participants' behavior is based not on the actual spatial structure (Fig. Factual plan of the space), but also on the anticipatory image - the projection of space that a person constructs from a personal relationship with the environment and construction of consciousness.

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