Video author Vilius Vaitiekūnas, edit by Karolina Jašinskaitė

Usually, humans focus on the visual appearance of the world, however, in this experiment exhibition space was chosen because it contains a wide spectrum of intellectual, auditory, visual, tactical, and other mediums of information. The exhibition becomes a splendid playground for the experiment.

Workshop participants have been asked to take a walk in exhibition ”Head with many Though“, CAC, Vilnius and via certain tasks to collect the atmospheric field of exhibition space. The focus was to look through the tension between space and the pieces of art, between humans and the pieces of art, and between space and humans. 

The workshop program includes five tasks. A part of the tasks was connected with sensors within which humans recognize the environment, create physical and emotional relations through them. Other tasks were related to intellectual perception of space - analytical and imaginative thinking. 

Workshop programme

Workshop process