9. Death and Completion


"Life moves in tune with its end
As lamp-flames dance upon the wind.
Noting how all others die,
Applying this to one's own life,

One should learn awareness
Of one's own oncoming death.

Just as those who once enjoyed
Good fortune and prosperity,
I will also one day die:
Death will surely come to me,

Death has followed every birth.
Why should it not follow mine?
It's only task and purpose
Is to seek out and destroy my life.

Life is restless, ever moving:
Runs to death just as the sun
Rises, rolls in lovely blueness,
Rises, rolls and passes on.

Streak of lightning, water-bubble,
Drop of dew upon a leaf.
Line on river, death must conquer,
Must pursue us endlessly.

Death arrives in no time.
Even to the Buddhas and the Saints
Those with glory, power and wisdom.
Why should I ask Death to wait?

Earth is rolling, all is flowing
Injuries from out and in
Navigate Life to an ending
Every instant. Death must come.

Death will be upon us swifter
Than the blinking of an eye."

VIGIL carpet (Price & Laasonen Belgrano 2021) 

Death and completion (Price & Laasonen Belgrano 2021)

Tranströmmer, T. "Romanesque Arches" (Laasonen Belgrano 2021)