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Commerce doesn't need a city.

The first marketplace was the beach. The Phoenicians pass by in boats (same thing for caravans), they leave an object on the beach, and later they come back to see if anyone has taken it, if anyone has put something else in its place. That's what commerce is: "The caravan passes." This still exists: someone puts a jug of milk on the side of the road and takes off; later he comes back to pick up the money. If there is no money, the jug of milk isn't brought back.

The city is the result of war, at least of preparation for war.

Paul Virilio, Pure War, 1983




Desire-As-Belief (DAB): The anti-Humean thesis that an agent desires something when the agent believes it would be good.


Desire-As-Conditional-Belief (DACB): The anti-Humean thesis where contingent desires are not aligned with beliefs.


Approximation to the canonical: The Humean thesis that something of the appropriate category is a value if and only if we would be disposed to value it under ideal conditions.


Common Knowledge: Mutual knowledge, but also each individual knows that all other individuals know it, each individual knows that all other individuals know that all the other individuals know that all the individuals know it, and so on and so on.