To draw attention to the ways predecessors have treated future generations as expendable, ‘alien-criticality’ visualizes that extracted or xeriscaped future. alien_criticality is a machinima work that drops you into a synthetic world out of Villeneuve. Born as a water caltrop imbued with light-catching agency and aural magnetism, you navigate wind-chapped, ever-rarifying ground. Some invisible force insists, "We make the world we possess. If we make our collective voices heard loud enough, it is inevitable that we move away from choices toxic to our survival." You know nothing of this human concern. You are a de-pigmented seedpod.

Kelly Xi

Kelly Xi 

alien_criticality, 2021

video animation with sound 

11:08 min  


Kelly Xi is a writer and designer visualizing a future built with solutions that prioritize localization, and not solely automation and centralization, or alienation from accountability. Engaged with a post-civ theory of technology, her current preoccupations include soil-building biomass with entomoremediation and her flexible, seaweed silk protein biopolymer produced independently of petrochemical, monoculture, and intensive aquaculture industries.