“Am I a Flower” is an interactive installation that uses simplified technology from autonomous driving depict myself through the artwork. The work explores the space avoiding obstacles and continuously determines what is beneath by the color recognition.  

The machine that resembles a flower is assigned with a unique mission, which is to bloom slowly when landed on a green surface. The flower bud would run randomly on the floor of the gallery space to find the right spot to flourish. Over the course of its journey, audiences can hinder its path or guide the machine to the green object. This work creates a continuous tension between the gallery visitors and the artworks and lightens the mood by their humorous presence.

Am I a flower, 2021

Dimensions variable 

 PETG, 3D printed parts, MCV, Motor, Sensor 

Jungwoo Lee (b.1993, Seoul, Korea) is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates a poetic system that  explores technologies such as robotics, digital fabrication, microcontroller, and telematic networks.  His practice often entangles technological media and its unique sentiments in the form of immersive  sculptural artworks and platforms for public participation. After receiving his BA/BS in Digital Art  from Yonsei University in Korea, he has participated in interactive art projects, lighting design, and  also music production. His works have been exhibited at several exhibitions in Korea. Currently, he is  studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Jungwoo Lee