An early version of Lions Laying [sic] Beside Each Other (2012), in which I try to explain what I saw in the work through the use of text. Ultimately, I abandoned this style, feeling the text narrowed what was possible for spectators to view for themselves in the image.


Video, Rania Khalil, 2012. Running time: 2 minutes 11 seconds.

A second version of Lions Lying Beside Each Other. Though neither sequence appears in the final version, working on this section was a distinct part of the process through which I came to understand my interest in juxtaposing the tender behaviour of the lions with neighbourly relations in Israel/Palestine. Experimenting with ways of doing this became a step toward the distinct intertitles found in the full-length work.


Video by Rania Khalil, 2013. Running time: 1 minute 54 seconds.