The different parts of the studio, as presented at MDT


– The Feldenkrais table

– A canvas, serving as a projection surface for the screening of The Studio (2021), a video made for the 100% seminar


– A working table with the notebooks, books and scans used for the Atlas of Fantasmical Anatomies


– Fantasmical Anatomies Library 


– A second working table, with my ongoing study of the different bones of a skull as well as the scripts from the Fantasmical Anatomies Lesson


– Whiteboards as indexes


– The Fantasmical Anatomies Boxes


– The Atlas of Fantasmical Anatomies as a floor


– At the back of the bookshelves: screening of Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies (2018), an essay video made for the 80% seminar, presented at MDT in May 2018


– The windows as lightboxes with x-rays of different injuries


– Behind the canvas screen: the exposition of the Fantasmical Anatomies Box: The Lesson on the Skin


– Mattresses with MP3 players, where the public can listen to the audio files of Fantasmical Anatomies Lessons


– An ongoing performance on the floor




Video documentation of Fantasmical Anatomies: installation and video works during the live presentation at MDT.

Fantasmical AnatomiesInstallation and Video Works


Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies, 2018, essay video.

The video was made for the 80% seminar, presented at MDT in May 2018.

Please note that the first 3 minutes of the video are only audio.

Detailed view of the Fantasmical Anatomies installation at MDT.