Video documentation of Sensorial Transference, a lecture-performance and demonstration at MDT, October 7-9, 2021.

Sensorial Transference

In the lecture-performance and demonstration of Sensorial Transference at MDT, I proposed to focus on multiple ways of receiving a treatment through the notions of the proxy body, co-regulation and diffracted attention.

As a practice, Sensorial Transference raises questions such as: How can sense through another body, across another body, within another body, alongside another body, in company with another body, in proximity to another body, in touch with another body? How can intimate, non-expressed and invisible elements, that are fundamental in artistic and therapeutic processes, be made tangible and shareable?


For this demonstration, I invited Caterina Mora and Linda Samaraweerová to perform with me. The treatment is based on a body story that Caterina told me the first time we met in August 2021 in Vienna. The story involved the themes of dislocation and digestion. We agreed that this is what we would work on.


"I will name the session: Dis-location Dis-gestion


dis location

say location

tu dis le lieu 

tell the place 

dix locations


dis gestion


dis 'geste!'

dix gestes

say gesture

ten gestures"

Documentation of a rehearsal at Wiesenburg, Berlin, 2016.

Performers: Anne Juren and Nancy Banfi.

Video: Bruno Pocheron.

This video documents one of the first rehearsals of a Sensorial Transference for one person and proxy bodies. The treatment was made for the person in the back and received through the bodies in the front.