In Chromopoems, different writings I did along my research are translated into coloured lights. At MDT, a Fantasmical Anatomies love poem is transformed into 24 theatrical lights.


The resulting light composition directly addresses the body of one person lying down on the Feldenkrais table, like in a one-on-one session. Each written letter, each read sound is translated into a coloured light signal following Piet Devos’ synaesthesia alphabet. Piet Devos is a Brussels-baded writer and literary theorist, whom I met in 2016 while working on my project Blind Gazes. Blind Gazes was part of The Humane Body, a year-long European dance project made for and with blind and visually impaired publics.


In Chromopoems, the designed light acts on its own. Generating a world of sensorial distortions, it allows the person to receive and interpret the poem sensorially through light and rhythm, rather than reading its words.

Video documentation of Chromopoems, installation and performance for one spectator, 11 minutes.
Developed in collaboration with the light designer Emese Csornai.