between inhabit(-ing) and habit

- A very short story  4 x 4 video = 16 videos (in the works)

by erika matsunami

Synopsis: Erika Matsunami
Concept: Erika Matsunami

Poem: Erika Matsunami
Camera: Erika Matsunami
Editing: Erika Matsunami

Laura Alonso Miguel

Erika Matsunami
(Sound) Composition: Erika Matsunami or/and

N.N (in the works, e.g. music live performance)

Engineering: Erika Matsunami


This multi-channel audiovisual installation, barrier-free work.

The starting point of this choreography is a music scoure of Toru Takemitsu on Gagaku, and his modernisation in Gagaku composition.

During the movement, some actions are not smooth, how I read his music scoure a music scoure of Toru Takemitsu on Gagaku, and write in the theoretical exploring.

The choreography is my own style.

For Laura Alonso Miguel, I gave the tasks to perform, before the performance, but through her free decision.

between inhabit(-ing) and habit


(Between time perception and modernity (in a modern system))

- A very short story  (of) 4 x 4 video = 16 videos

Between things on the table


Zwischen Dingen auf dem Tisch

wind or pneuma*, breath or wind?


Wind oder Pneuma*, Atem oder Wind?

Under construction

Ein Begriff: Zurücksetzung


A notion: reset

The scenery that was there, when I was a kid

Die Landschaft, die da war, als ich ein Kind war

something, for starting a new



für etwas, Neues zu beginnen


coming back or going away? or neither...

戻ってくるのか、去るのか? あるいはどちらでもない...

zurückkommen oder weggehen? oder weder...


am Ende eines Sommers

at an end of summer

anything else,
nothing to say else



Where is my place? maybe here or maybe not

私の場所はどこ? 多分ここかそうでないか

Wo ist mein Platz? vielleicht hier oder vielleicht nicht

alles andere,

nichts anderes zu sagen

repeatedly, but what, is it specific?

wiederholbares, und wiederholt, was ist das konkret?


道は構築され、道は無限ではなく、波打っていて、繰り返しながら継続し、 波状で、継続的で、反復的であり、

The way is built and the way is not endless, but rather wavy, continuing while repeating,

Der Weg ist gebaut und der Weg ist nicht endlos, sondern eher wellig, fortfahrend, sich wiederholend,