One-channel work on video.

Duration: 27 minutes

Video made for the project”Life in Bytom”

Premiere 24.11.2012. CSW KRONIKA, Bytom.

Camera: Małgorzata Mazur

Sound: Łukasz Jastrubczak

Script, direction, performance and editing: Tero Nauha

Voice-over: Marek Pluciennik

Translation: Karolina Kucia

Sound mixing: Taina Riikonen

Post-production: Małgorzata Mazur


Production support: AVEK, The Frame Visual Art Finland, Theatre Academy of the Art University, Live Art Development Agency, London, TAhTO Research School.

This work on video is part of a larger project ”Life in Bytom”, which was presented at the Gallery CSW Kronika in Bytom, Poland from November 24, 2012 to January 26, 2013. This project was a research based on social investigation, which resulted on a work on video, printed matter and a live performance, ”Life in Bytom.”

This work on video is based on interviews, workshops, archive material and my per-sonal experiences in Bytom, which is a post-industrial mining town in Silesia, the Katowice mining area. The result is not an objective investigation, but rather an affective reflection on the changes of the life conditions, which has happened in Bytom in past twenty years. 

Wywrotka / Capsizing