Performance with Juha Valkeapää and Cássio Diniz Santiago

Duration 360 minutes

Documentation of the performance.

August 17, 2013.

"Fin La-La-La" event, Sese Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil.

Nauha, Valkeapää and Brazilian dramaturge-director Cássio Santiago have created a performance Astronomer: experiment, which is loosely based on the collaboration between Antonin Artaud and Edgar Varèse from 1932. Astronomer is a metamodel of the astronomical, social and mental cosmologies of our times. In this durational performance, there is no linear structure to follow but alternating series of events, which contrast, juxtapose and augment each other. We ask in this piece, how is reality composed, and how can we recompose, decompose and annihilate this reality through the powers of performance? Astronomer is part of Nauha’s doctoral research at the TheatreAcademy of Art University in Helsinki.

The documentation here consists of twenty-one videos, which are different in length, but approximately ten minutes each. They start from the beginning of the performance, from the top row of the symbols. However, documentation finished much earlier than the performance finished, thus only twenty-one documents and not thirty-six.

Astronomer: experiment