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This project is integrated with the artistic research project Simultaneous Arrivals, FWF AR 714-G.

{date: 211219, 230629}

This is a work-in-progress artistic research project. Initiated by Hanns Holger Rutz and Nayarí Castillo in autumn 2021, it develops into multiple intermedia objects that involve collaboration between different artists, objects that engage in sensorial exchange among themselves and with humans. This exposition is very much in flux, trying to capture the meanderings of the process.

{date: 211219, 220727}

In April 2022, we conducted a pilot project in artistic research, Swap Space, in which the developments of Rogues informed some of our experiments.

{date: 221214}

In summer and autumn 2022, we further developed an ensemble of three entities that will be exhibited as Swap Rogues at Neue Galerie Graz beginning in December 2022.

{date: 230629}

Between winter 2022 and summer 2023, we have developed an ensemble of two entities called Phoretic Rogues, exhibited first at xCoAx in July 2023.

{hhr 211215}

we had a curious discussion today, as I was sure I told Nayarí about the tentative title. Perhaps not? For me, it's a coming together of multiple aspects that were moving in our heads. The semi-orbs of glass somehow reminded me of fish eggs, or rather, in their connectivity, Roe, in German Rogen, in French Rogue, all very similar words. Of course, the English word denotes also the odd character that is moving at the margin of a system, or against the system. I guess it gave name to the computer game from 1980 of the same title. If we give the objects to people for use in their private spaces, there is something Tamagochi like about it, another type of egg, and sharing the “permadeath” with the adventure game. I was thinking of the inner structure of the pieces to resemble the map making that happens in the game, translating the outside sensory input into an unfolding map or structure which initially lies in the dark and grows over time. Perhaps map fragments is what is shared between two “rogues”.