On 31 May 2023, 17h, we will give an artist talk on the Rogues at Neue Galerie Graz.

Swap Rogues

{date: 221010, 220727, 230301}

We have been revisiting the work for presentation in 2022. Swap Rogues is the work-in-progress of two Rogues developed since autumn 2021, with some effort during the Swap Space project, and final form in summer 2022.

A Rogue is a thing that lives with you, a multi-sensory and multi-modal object, perhaps sitting somewhere, in an exhibition space, or a private space, or outside waiting for the birds. Nobody has seen or heard a Rogue yet, but it is estimated that their size is somewhere in the magnitude of a human child. Like other creatures one might be of different dimensions than the other. A Rogue is a thing that emits sound and image, it takes in sensations of its surroundings. It is not a surveillance device, its senses are, for example, touch, proximity, and light. It is a body with rudimentary organs, they are part of an experiment. When there are several Rogues in a space, one (or they) can make connections between them. A Rogue grows a memory of its place, accumulating sensor data, employing algorithms, adopting fragments of data from other Rogues. They obtain their name from multiple origins.

The piece is shown at Neue Galerie Graz between December 2022 and November 2023.

{hhr 221226}

Before moving to Neue Galerie, the trialogue was installed in Hanns' studio in Reagenz (West). Naya had completed the ceramic plates, and now all three Rogues could be tuned together.

{hhr 221226}

From spring to autumn, the specific form came together. From August on, we set up the first finished Rogues at Reagenz (Ost), to figure out how to display them, to sense their dimensions. The wire work had to be completed, the form of the ceramics had to be found.