In the current post-digital design and educational contexts, it is increasingly relevant to research and develop hybrid initiatives, either in a pedagogical or technical sense. In this section, we introduce the
XT-Press, a first working prototype of such a research-driven hybrid design process. 

This exposition documents the process of  designing and building a provisional cylinder proof press, developed within the scope of the Experimental Research Project of the i2ADS research institute and the XTND Lab of the Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects

Final considerations 

Designing and building a press is a rewarding and useful pedagogical activity, through which, history and technology is able to be incorporated into embodied knowledge of its users.

Refinements and next iterations 

The process of testing the press and printing the first compositions has led us to discover some issues with its design and use. Here's what we've learned so far and what's ahead in the future revisions of this press


In this section, we present and describe several initiatives of similar presses, or collectives that explore the communal printing or DIY maker movement

XT-Press Concept

This section is mainly focused on presenting the requirements and features implemented in our own custom-built cylinder press


The build section presents an illustrated step-by-step journal of the design and build process of the press. It consisted in three main phases: parts research and fabrication; press assembly;  and test printing and press tunning