Hotel Jugoslavija, February 2019

Street Protest, December 2018


Hotel Slavija, March 2019

Underneath Terazije Square, October - December 2018


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Inside the Avala Telecommunications Tower (at the end of a suburban bus line), March 2019

Holiday Inn, April 2019

Sarajevo and Zenica

Glavna željeznička stanica u Sarajevu, April 2019

Zenica (at the end of a regional bus line), April 2019

Momo and Uzeir, Elevator Lobby, April 2019

Zetra Ice Rink, Anteroom, April 2019

Kosovo Polje (at the end of a regional rail line), March 2019


Grand Hotel Pristina (projection room and other spaces), March 2019

Promenade (Metabolism), March 2019

Pristina Train Station (defunct), March 2019