The Sarajevo Olympics and their buildings have been rendered legible in various ways: as iconography for a united nation (on the brink of an implosion) in its pre-war state in 1984, as a poetical dramatic symbol of division and destruction in 1994, and finally, in a post-Dayton Agreement Pax Americana, as a symbol of integration between east and west Sarajevo. This display was not designed solely for outside observers but also for the citizens of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska (Moll 2014). 


I started recording at midday on the top floor and worked my way down. The room noise is quite dense here. The cleaning personnel are talking to each other, but the sound is fragmented. There is the sound of vacuuming, always emerging from around the corner. The acoustics unfold opaquely as the hotel centers around the central atrium. 

Holiday Inn, April 2019