Theodore Teichman

You would probably recognize me as the person lying in the mud with a microphone pressed into the ground.
Iceland (residence), United States (citizenship)
research interests: embodiment, environmental art, environmental sound, environmental stewardship, environmental artistic research, environmental humanities, environmental ethics, ecology, eco-art, ecocriticism, ecopsychology, artistic research, landscape, landscape art, land-art, Landscape.Body, sound art, soundwalk, soundscape composition, soundscape, psychogeography, psychoacoustics, phenomenology, materiality, vibrant matter, material perception, material ontology, body extended, performance, site, Site-specific, place, Place and time, placemaking, time, time based media, time ecology, Film-making, photographic practice
affiliation: University of Virginia

In my practice and life, I am interested in understanding time and its materialization. I employ the lens of transcorporeality and a practice-based approach to investigate and reflect on questions of ecological restoration, urbanization, and social change. The microphone and the camera are particular ways of encoding time and these are some of my most preferred tools for studying time. However, the landscape and the body as well are ways to encode time in the same way: taking time and making it material. I am currently based out of the Agricultural University of Iceland and I am a Master of Landscape Architecture candidate at the University of Virginia. I hold a Bachelor of Science and Arts  from Carnegie Mellon University in interdisciplinary arts-based research integrating neuroscience, environmental studies, and sonic arts and was a 2018-2019 Fulbright Research Fellow in soundscape studies and practice with the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts for my project Listening Against (the) “Transition” and the social-practice project Workshop for Listening. At present, I am living in Hvanneyri, Iceland as a Fellow with the Leifur Eiriksson Foundation for my multimedia project: Soil Stories, Land Healers, and Dwelling in Damaged Worlds.


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