SoundscapeTUB is a student-led project workshop at
Technische Universität Berlin and Universität der Künste Berlin

We explore the concepts of acoustic ecology, the relationship between people and their environment mediated by sound.

The interaction environment of the TUB campus can be used as a social and sonic commons model, a space where many people share an acoustic environment and can hear the results of each other's activities.

The project was a Projekt Werkstatt at the TU Berlin for 2 years (2021-23).

Our project workshop creates an open space to exchange about sound and society.

The project is supervised by Prof. Dr. phil. André Fiebig, Fluid Mechanics and Technical Acoustics, Dept. of Psychoacoustics, TU Berlin. The course is open for students from all backgrounds and is integrated in the regular curriculum of the physical engineering program.


Project Leads / Tutors

Ilias Mavromatis:

Mariana Carvalho:

Outreach / Mappings

Daniel Dilger: