Page structure advice

Since the RC is not a paper-based format, a single page can be as large as you want. In theory, you could put your complete research on a single page. However, for both you and your readers, it is better to organise the material into multiple pages, just as a book is split into chapters.

A new page is created by clicking the "+ add page" next to your page tabs in the workspace editor.

An example structure:

  • title page (see p. 17 of handbook for requirements!)
  • table of contents
  • chapter 1
  • chapter 2 etc..
  • bibliography/references
  • appendix A (optional)
  • appendix B (optional) etc…

Important to know is that if you create a new page, it will not immediately be visible to the reader*, to change that:

  1. Add all pages to the expositions contents menu.

  2. Add “next” and "previous" hyperlinks between each page so people can easily go back and forth.


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