New and upcoming features of the RC.


Block editor


There is a new type of editor in the RC: the block editor. Instead of tools that are positioned on a plane, the exposition consists of a single stack of blocks containing your content.


The big advantage of this simple block structure is that you can easily insert, move and remove content from the stack, without needing to update the position of the other tools. It also has some other benefits, like better readability on smaller screens.


A limitation is that it is harder to make free-form diagrams, but in that case you can just switch back to the graphical editor, since you can mix these two types of editor within one exposition. You can even copy your tools between the two varieties :-) !


If you need to put content next to each other (a row of three images for example), you can split a block into one or more collumns, by selecting a different layout when you create the block.


You can find a brief introduction video of the block editor in the workshop summary videos (number 4).

Media repository

The repository makes it easier to collect and organize recordings, images, videos and text before using them in an exposition. It's interface also works pretty well on smaller screens, so this may be useful while rehearsing or when you get a good idea while you are away from your laptop.


The media repository is described in the guide.


Real time collaboration

The RC now supports real time collaboration between multiple users. First this will come to the graphical weaves, but the block editor will also to be supported in the near future. Any moving of a tool, change of content etc.. will immediately update across all users.


Yellow stickies improvements (Thank you, Paul!)

There have been some improvements with the sticky notes.

  • Remove all notes at once
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • More sensible order of items in menu :-)





We are going to change the font system, so that fonts that are used are always available from the RC itself (instead of relying users to have them installed).