Trópos is a system-specific, site-adaptive sound installation for public spaces. This exposition collects aesthetic reflections from its process of development, as well as documentation and artifacts produced along the way. Exposition is in progress.


Trópos is a system-specific, site-adaptive sound installation developed for the Klangnetze project. Trópos is composed of a variable number of mobile sound elements – small photovoltaic computers, equipped with microphones and loudspeakers - that sonically adjust to the soundscape around them. Each element independently interacts with the sounds picked up by the microphone, generating emergent sound developments which are strongly dependent on the acoustic environment in which the piece is installed. The specific architectural, spatial and acoustic characteristics of the ambience inscribe themselves in Trópos, creating a form of aesthetic interdependency and generative co-existence of site and work.



  • July-August 2022: Trópos @ Klangnetze. Trópos was first presented as part of a group exhibition taking place between July and August 2022 in multiple towns in Styria. In this first iteration, Trópos was a 5 channels piece.

  • October 2022: Trópos @ ARTikulationen 2022.  A second iteration will be in October 2022, as part of the ARTikulationen festival in Graz, Austria. Here Trópos will be presented as a pop-up installation, running for three days on the facade of Palais Meran, and using a larger number of sound elements (probably 7 channels).