6. Network

Sound networks can be composed combining multiple Klangnetze modules. In each sound network, all modules are identical - hardware and software - and mounted about 5 to 10 meters apart from each other. Below an example: a five modules network installed on the South facade of St. Laurentius Church in Gleisdorf main square.

Listening Points

All the modules being structurally identical, the only compositional variable becomes the acoustic space - how the sound image differs in terms of sources, reflections and resonances at each specific mounting point. Each module captures a unique sound perspective through its microphone and the whole system might be thought as a network with five listening nodes, all retaining their own individuality while at the same time interacting in a shared acoustic environment.



Trópos is based on a digital signal processing algorithm that relies on these acoustic differences and fluctuations to generate sound forms that adapt to each module's listening perspective. In combining five of such perspectives with their host sonic environment, a poliphony of acoustic interactions emerges whose aesthetic qualities strongly depend on the specific materiality of the network and its sound space.