The texts that form this exposition were written firstly in Farsi, and then have gone through a translation from somewhat readable English to final wordings that carry the original nuances in the poetic bodies of the original language. The English texts include remains from the original expressions in Farsi, challenging the possibility of ever being able to comprehensively and comprehensibly translate one language to another. As in the original texts, the translations have been written through affect, poetic imaginaries and intuition, sometimes regarding the grammar and sophistication of the words as essential, and sometimes disregarding them. The text is a discursive end result of someone listening to explanations, stories, and looking at filmed material. What appears is a hint of language-based artistic research, delving through cinematic thinking.

The shots from the theatre’s interiors are taken in the remains of a performance by Shiar Studio called Tamashakhaneh Tehran, reviewing stories of the cinema workers in 2019.

The initial stages of this research were shaped in the form of my master's thesis in Film and Media, Art of Impact at Stockholm University of the Arts and it was developed in 3 modes:

-A physical exposition held at the Swedish Film Institute, SKH’s Research Centre in June 2022.
-A poetic documentary that premiered at The International Film Festival Rotterdam, the short and mid-length programme in January 2023.
-And finally, this digital exposition.

The full version of the film is accessible through Filmform.