Exposition Credits:
Author: Shauheen Daneshfar
Research Assistant: Silja Tuovinen
Translations: Shauheen and Silja

Archival Research: Saber Mohammadi, Shauheen Daneshfar

Film Credits:
Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Sound designer: Shauheen Daneshfar
Producers: Marc Johnson, Shauheen Daneshfar
Choreographer and Dancer: Gilda Stillbäck

Music Composition: Mehdi Hesamizadeh

Installations: Shiar Studio
Supervisor: Marcus Lindeen
Advisor: Kamran Vakilazad
Narrators: Kamran Vakilazad, Sonia Sanjari

Distributor: Filmform


Physical Exposition Credits:
Author: Shauheen Daneshfar
Set Design: Adele Cheraghi

Music Composition: Mehdi Hesamizadeh

Carpentry: Göran Wendel

Lighting Design: Shauheen Daneshfar

Supervision: Tinna Joné, Katarina Eiseman

Technical Supervision: Max Edkvist, Ruben Widen

Thanks to:

Saleh Najafi and Ellen J Røed for all the inspirations and enlightenments.
Nils Claesson, Behzad Khosravi Noori and Savaş Boyraz for all the valuable insights.
Heidi Paatere Möller and Cecilia Roos for all the care and support.