WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER researches live performance practices that place the visitors/participants at the center of the experience. During our four Saturday series, you are invited into the participatory practices of Philipp J. Ehmann, Mariella Greil, Dennis Johnson, Anne Juren, Krõõt Juurak and Christian Schröder - all offering diverse knowledge from contemplative sciences, sound art, choreography, game art, and somatics. Together with the core-artistic-researchers Charlotta Ruth, Jasmin Schaitl and neuroscientist Imani Rameses, we invite you to a practice-based reflection on the degrees of participatory involvement, individual and relational engagement, as well as the aspects of hierarchy, timing, and participatory sense-making.

All sessions are free of charge, please sign up by sending an email to: 

22.10, 05.11, 12.11 13.00-17.00

@ APL Studio Alte PSK

Georg-Coch-Platz 2, Hochparterre 1010, Vienna

29.10 10.30-15.00

@ Künstlerhaus Factory, Karsplatz

entry: Bösendorferstraße 10, 1010, Vienna

22. October Krõõt Juurak & Jasmin Schaitl 13.00-17.00 @ APL Studio


Volume of emotion/ time, (Dis)comfort, Dialogue, Memory, Zone

Who we are does (not) change who we want to be. Exploring, following and (un)working directions in our bodies and memories. Moving from comfortable to less comfortable and back. 

Krõõt Juurak works as an artist, performer, comedian, dancer, curator, choreographer and teacher. Their work is always immaterial, and often driven by context rather than content.

Jasmin Schaitl researches at the intersection of haptics and memory using performative methods enriched by mindfulness-based strategies as well as contemplative neuroscience.

29. October Anne Juren & Christian Schröder 10.30-15.00 @Künstlerhaus


Tripping, Drifting, Disappearing, Becoming the work

In this session, Drifting, we are invited into the body-mind-space choreographies of Anne Juren’s Fantasmical Anatomies and Christian Schröder’s Love’s Labour’s lost sound installation, who combine their respective practices in a joint sound performance on disappearance.

Anne Juren, born in Grenoble is a choreographer, artist researcher and Feldenkrais® practitioner based in Vienna. She recently finished her PhD titled « Studies on Fantasmical Anatomies" at Stockholm University of the Arts.

Christian Schröder is a composer and sound artist based in Vienna. He recently made a golden record for space.

5. November Dennis Johnson & Charlotta Ruth 13.00-17.00 @APL Studio


Pleasure, Mindfulness, Treasure Hunting, Degrees of collaboration

How does a navigator allow the journeys of different minds simultaneously and how much do I have to work for my own experience to unfold? Where do we together find ourselves at the end of this treasure hunt?

Dennis Johnson teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Self-Compassion and Positive Neuroplasticity and holds an MA in Tibetan and Buddhist Studies.

Charlotta Ruth plays with time and perception inside choreographich and ludic structures. Her research explores hybrid formats for collaborative thinking.

12. NOVEMBER Philipp J. Ehmann & Mariella Greil @ APL Studio 13.00-17.00


Power(less), Me/you , Generative gaps, Vitality, Living organisms

Generative gaps activate polylogics of agency  – or an ethos defying the pressure to perform.

Mariella Greil has a curiosity to explore the correspondence between the body’s withdrawal and the withdrawal of language and the poetics that emerge.

Philipp J. Ehmann is a playful artist who investigates the world through people, stories and play.


WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER is an artistic research project co-led by Charlotta Ruth & Jasmin Schaitl in collaboration with Imani Rameses (Neuroscientist and performer) funded through INTRA.