Jasmin Schaitl

Austria, Czech Republic (residence), Austria (citizenship) °1987
research interests: performance, visual art, participatory arts, memory, haptics, installation
affiliation: The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wroclaw PL

Jasmin Schaitl is a visual artist, performer, organizer, and lecturer. She is internationally active and interested in collaboration with artists from various fields such as sound art, dance, choreography and design.  Since 2017 she is researching on the intersection of materiality, haptics and memory within performative practices including her interest in neurosciences. Since 2021 she is co-leading the INTRA Research Project WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER together with Charlotta Ruth at the University of applied Arts Vienna.

The main medium of expression in her work is the body: in performance, sculpture, drawing and video.
Within the field of performance and sculpture, she is researching the connection of, and effect between the haptic sense and the memory. This includes the exploration of audience involvement, participation and objects or materials that are to be touched. Jasmin examines how durational pieces and intimate one-on-one performance and installation settings affect and change the perception of time and space for an audience. Her goal is to raise individual awareness and heighten senses to perceive what is in front of us and what surrounds us. The aspect of perceiving time more consciously intends to provide a frame to be aware of a possible fullness within the emptiness, an appreciation of the unspectacular. This emphasises the underestimated meaning of beauty within details, through mere dedication on one matter.


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