Walmeri Ribeiro

Sensitive Territories: Performative research and humanitarian actions


This proposal presents the actions in the Project Breeze: sensitive territories,

contributing for the discuss about democracy and social actions in the public sphere. BREEZE is a project of research and artistic creation inserted in the field of art, politics, science and nature. Methodologically founded on the Performance practice as research, we propose that political, poetical, aesthetical and cognitive issues may emerge from immersive experiences as a field of creative possibilities, of construction of critical thinking, contributing to the methodologies of research in Arts and to new mechanisms and creation devices.

By proposing itself in this research field, BREEZE aims to dialogue with the Arts

issues in the Anthropocene area, investigating new methodologies and practices about the relations of art with and for the nature and discuss the social actions in the public sphere. As Chantal Mouffe (2007) says, the “public space” is not a place of consensus, but rather a battle camp where different hegemonic projects confront each other (…) The public spaces are always plural. We can also say they are complex territories, as proposed by Richard Sennett. Or rather, sensitive territories permeated by subjectivities and sensorialities.

Composed of a transdisciplinary research network which involves artists from

different areas such as audiovisual, body arts, art and technology, visual arts and

music, technologists, geographers, urbanists and residents of the studied regions, the project proposes a collaborative practice of investigations and creation. In this

moment Breeze is Realizing in the coast of Ceará|Brazil.


Walmeri Ribeiro

Institute of Arts and Culture at the Federal University of Ceará (ICA|UFC).