Performance as Research Working Group 

Proceedings of the meeting at the IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) conference, University of Hyderabad, India 6.-10.7.2015. 

D  R  A  F  T

Workshop Session - Group 2

Emma's score/tasks


How does our sense of intimacies shift in the encounters with technology and the body?


Experiencing body mind in space and recording it

Walk or run noticing sounds and sights as you move. After a few minutes, do the same but using a phone camera to record what you see and hear as you move. How is this different than moving without recording?


Moving and recording movement with camera attached

Move using simple actions such as walk, roll, crawl, run, jump and stop. As you do so, hold a phone/video camera in your hand or attach it to your body and allow it to record whatever it captures as you move without looking through the camera lens. How does this differ from recording by looking through the camera lens in terms of what you experience and what the film looks like after?


Moving and recording with external camera 

Lie down and notice your breath. Notice any impulses to move or be still and follow these impulses for 1 minute. Repeat the exercise but this time ask someone to film it. What is the difference when a camera is introduced?


These are exercises that I have undertaken and the questions are based on my experiences but you may arrive at different reflective questions and responses, which is fine.