Performance as Research Working Group 

Proceedings of the meeting at the IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) conference, University of Hyderabad, India 6.-10.7.2015. 

D  R  A  F  T

Workshop Session by Group 1

IFTR 2016—Hyderabade, India

Performance-As-Research Working Group


JM Rossi’s Notes In-Digest for Conference Proceedings


Sub-Group 1 Workshop - Day 1


JM’s Score for 15-minute workshop

Overlapping Themes Identified

* Juan: appropriation/recycling of political slogans/phrases; participation in demonstrations as the other

* Annette: collaboration with others (all inclusive of things)

* Walmeri: the public space as a battlefield, and the body as a battling entity


5-10min score:

1 minute, Frame the notion that we are going to create a work-in-progress that explores the experience of being the other. (Preliminary exploratory work for $Am'z Inferno?)


3 minutes, free write with prompts:

I can't breathe/

no justice no peace/

black lives matter/

criming while white/


3 minutes, to first consider how you've collaborated and with who/what, already in this writing action; explore a way to use that writing to collaborate with others.. Make choice to collaborate with something/one


3 minute, improvisation to present your exploration in this public space 


* JM: ethics of collaboration/Internet as a public space/ ownership


Then: 3-5 minutes, 

JM shapes the collective work into something else through a rehearsal.

JM documents the 5 minute work-in-progress; photograph/video/writing/observing


JM asks: 

Whose work is it? Who is the author? How has the experienced been framed to allow/prevent participation/co-authoring?

Is it ok for me to take this material further to serve/fulfil my own vision and artistic/project plan? Might someone else also take material from this experience and make use of?