Moving Observations on Surviving Soft Skills - MOSSS - is a nomad cross disciplinar research project aiming at creating space of encounters and co-learning with humxns and more-than-humxns. We serve the purpose of facilitating performative workshops that act as plateforms for generating new tools and scores for survival and the survival of endangered species or ecosystems. Transdisciplinarity is a language we thrive through, we consider its approach as a practice to understanding the milieu in its complex web of interconnections and variety of languages and a pathway to convey and foster new possible narratives by creating spaces of dialogue.


Through explorative walks and deep listening, we share tools and methodology for co-creation with the humxns and more-than-humxns through transdisciplinary approaches (fiction, somatic, design, scientific). We propose scores for witnessing, deep and radical listening to meet one another and disrupt our common ways of interacting. Storytelling and futurology are keys for our practice to encounter the living and transcend these encounters for an audience and foster new ways of relating. Driven by the need to respond to the current crises and answer the question: how can we co-create and experiment with new ways of doing and being in the world?, the questions we want to raise is: how to build up a relationship with someone, something, a place?

We develop hybrid forms of workshops where the boundaries between shared experience, scientific knowledge and fiction become intertwined. We want to offer experiences that shift, inspire and question what's there, creating a direct exchange between the space and whoever encounters and inhabits it.


We are currently focused on a hybrid piece in co-creation process with mosses, living ancestral organisms that can teach us ways to adapt, to care and collaborate, through radical explorations and collaboration in Belgium and France. Within BKN Radical Softness residency we will emphasize these weeks of research on embodied somatic practices inspired by our sensory encounters with mosses and the ecosystems we’re gravitating in. We will propose a try out of these researches as a form of collective vermicomposting.
MOSSS is composed by Mélanie Ganino, transdisciplinar architect and designer, and Sarah Drapeau, systemic artist-ingeneer and facilitator. They met through the Common Dreams School eco-pedagogical project led by Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and started their collaboration and what became life exploration through the creation of the Radical Survival Toolkit in 2021.

Studio 3 + 5
Dates Feb 4-29