Pigs Trophy Head

To reflect oneself in someone 

Someone you look up to 
Someone you don't want to be like 
To become like it, 
to be infected, 
to reluctantly 
do things that one does not want to 

wear a mask to hide 
feel safe 

to be oneself 
to be someone else 
to just be 
to just let yourself be yourself 

to be good enough

Hanna Grandert moves between different media

telling the most absurd stories from a generous vantage point.

Central is often the very essence vulnerability but also care.

She dedicates substantial time towards being an art educator

for children in schools and art art institutions,

formerly also drama teacher.

In her artistic practice she  moves between sculpture,

found objects and drawing and in her photographic essayistic work

she has covered stories in Sweden but also portraits and sites in

Roslagen, Chernobyl and Gambia.

She is a graduate visual arts teacher (2007)

from University of Arts and Crafts, Stockholm, Sweden.

Studio Björkö

so many thoughts 
so many emotions 
so many experiences 
so many dreams as well as nightmares 
an inspiring place 
a friendly place 
a place to be 
immerse yourself 
a calm where I can get hold of my own thoughts 
and develop together with others 
sharing sessions 
artistic exchange 
and consensus as well as challenge 
Björkö Konstnod the place to be

Studio 3

I feel something in my mouth, like a small candy. 
I spit out and notice it's one of my teeth, 
I don't have time to reflect before I feel another one has come loose. 
I spit it out too, three in a row come loose in the jaw at the front. 
I spit and spit and it never ends. 

I feel powerless and it feels like the whole world around me is distorted. 
I can't think straight. 
I wake up sweaty in my bed, like so many times before after similar nightmares. 
I try to take control of the situation. 
I get up and brush my teeth in the middle of the night. 
And then try to fall asleep fantasizing about pink soft clouds.

Sketch for a

video installation

Scetch for a video instalation

the softness 
the beautiful 
the wonderful thing to reach 
for the relief 
the target 
the ease like feathers 
like a quiet hurricane 
stateliness and weight 
strength power 
to reach their goal 
downwind but against the wind 
grow , grow slowly 
quality ,not quantity 
be heard ,hear 
Friendship ,humanity 
sort, analyze, select 
choose with your heart 
fall softly and fly high

Sketch for a video instalation

Sketch for a videoinstallation