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Spending time working side by side with share sessions (onsite and remotely) during late winter of 2024. The site located where we could have impact from the specific embeddedness, shift of season and more than human.

The selected duo for the residency program was MOSSS/Moving Observations on Surviving Soft Skills. Rebekah Dean from WAP23 nominated Monica Tobel to join RAD24. Hanna Grandert from Stockholm and Zoey Hart from New York (remote participation) were also invited to join the process. In addition BERG duo was part of the quest. Working on the second and third segement of a screen dance triology.

For some it became specific works while others continued on a preset path.

BKN Booth: Boogie(wonder)land


  • Hanna Grandert
  • Monika Tobel
  • Rebekah Dean
  • BERG 

For Supermarket artists From WAP23 and BKN Associated artists were also selected.

BKN Supermarket page >>>

Supermarket website >>>

"Pig Trophy Head
Artist: Hanna Grandert

 Orignial Ami Skånberg, Radical Softness, 2019, stencil, spray paint on board. Placed in a theatre lobby in Gothenburg. The sign reappeard in the BKN studio and became a program at BKN/Björkö Konstnod.

 Regardless if learning is in academia or a share session for BERG it is about: "How do you take that knowlede and give it to some one else"and what happens if we think and do through radical softness?"

BERG consists of Swedish artists Ami Skånberg & Anna Viola Hallberg. They  have collaborated since 2022 for workshops, interventions, collective performances and screendance.  

They are based in Stockholm/Gothenburg/Björkö, Sweden and move between studio based practice and the outdoors.

RAD24 was co-directed by all artists participating facillitating explorative share sessions. >>>

During Supermarket they will screen the first segment, Current, of a trilogy.

During the course of RAD24 implemented thinking on Radical Softness in serveral itterations of their practice as artists.  They have a fellowship studio at BKN and developed among others the format "Walking As Practice". The venue for RAD24 is BKN/Björkö Konstnod,  located in the Northern Stockholm Archipelago, offering a dynamic space for art that engages with aspects of life and nature through various thematic lenses such as asymmetry, entanglement, responsibility, and deep listening. Established in 2020, the residency program is hosted in two former school buildings on the island of Björkö. It provides studios for free to national and international professional artists, while also serving the local community. For detailed information about their programs, location, and how to get there, you can visit their official website >>>


Since BERG are a duo much of the work they are both involved in. For 2024 Hallberg did an open call for RAD24 residency allowing for other artists to ponder on radical softness.

During 2023 and 2024 they have been implementing Radical Softness in several of their projects.  The screendance video "Current opended up in Kazakhstan and will be in the program at Supermarket Art Fair at the same time its in VideoDanza in Puerto Rico.


Current is a screendance piece made in the village Ciganitri, West Java. It is an encounter between four spaces, two dancers and a camera during two afternoons. Current creates layers of time through dance improvisation - in between reality and fiction - performed as a ritual for resistance in a place where rice fields, fish ponds and gardens currently are replaced by fancy buildings and crowded highways. It is the first encounter between a Swedish and an Indonesian choreographer where the only shared language is dance. The movements are an immediate response to space, bursting of ideas, outpouring of dreams, while following currents of struggle and hope through a visual journey.

"Working at the intersection of lens and embodied practices -  we are interested in movement and space within and beyond language, and ask how movement can bring spaces together, and how several spaces can be made into one, through embodiment. As time collapses, space is put at the forefront of our artistic research." BERG

Title: Current
Trt: 08:20 (10.05)

Genre: video essay, non verbal, documentary, screen dance, visual anthropology
Media: 16:9, 4K 3840x2160, color, sound

Format: Available in requested format for screening and festivals

Language: non verbal

Produced: 2024

On location: May 2023, Ciganitri, West Java, Indonesia

Music: Mats Skånberg
Dance/Choreography: Ami Skånberg (SE) and Alfiyanto Wajiwa (ID)
Camera/Editing: Anna Viola Hallberg
Concept & ProducersBERG

Preview video: contact BERG via Björkö Konstnod or Filmfreeway.

Keywords: eco-politics, water protection,  activism, ecoperformance, gentrification, Ciganitri, West Java, Indonesia, video essay

Current creates layers of time through dance improvisation - in between reality and fiction - performed as a ritual for resistance in a place where rice fields, fish ponds and gardens currently are replaced by fancy buildings and crowded highways. Current is a visual journey of struggle and hope.