… Two voices meet in an unknown timespace. There is some fear. Some worry. Some anxiety…  Also, a sense of longing. All is dark. Then. One. Living voice. One dead voice. No body knows. Who is who. What is what. Which is which. How. Identities float. Into one. Another. Where one is ending the Other. Takes over. From deep. Down. They. Appear. Fragments. Blurred. From deep. Within. From. Far away.  As if. One next to the Other. Close. As if. Whispering from the most inner. Parts. Of all. Uncertainties.  She reaches. For her. She. Reaches for her. In return. Finding. The Other. As. If floating. In. A sea of salt. Water. Dead. Gorgeous. Shimmering. Waves. Of. Bright… Light.

This exposition is created in relation to the Artistic Research Projects No Self Can Tell, and Lessons in the Shadows of Death.

Relevant references:

A Mon Seul Desir

A Mon Seul Désir, Ornament No. 2

Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano  (living, 1970- ) & Anna Nyhlin  (dead, 1971-2021) - voices

Tom Beimel - keyboard & soundscaping,

Mark D. Price - soundscaping.

Recorded August 11, 2022 in Stockholm.

An ethical declaration:

Anna Nyhlin recorded her full vocal  range in collaboration with Tom Beimal, and also agreed with Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano to allow  their vocal collaboration to continue into the future after Anna's death on her 50th birthday  September 12, 2021,  as in this improvisation which was performed together with Tom Beimel in August 2022.

CLIMA   ... Also the deviding of heaven an earth...

Research Exposition curated & ornamented by Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano (PhD in Vocal Performance) and  Mark D. Price (PhD in Performance Philosophy)