Inversion 3: Speaking Surfaces

Natasha Barrett 2022

"Inversion 3: Speaking Surfaces" was commissioned by the musikprotokoll festival in Graz Austria. It was installed both inside and outside the MUMUTH (The House of Music and Music Theatre), Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz, Austria. It played in all weathers from the 7th-9th September 2021.

For general information about how these works were created, please refer to the page “Public Space Outdoor Sound-Art Installations”.

"Inversion 3: Speaking Surfaces" was made in the same year as Subliminal Throwback, but was designed in a new format. Outdoors in the courtyard of the MUMUTH hung just one of the 170-speakers. Inside the reception area was a second 170-speaker and an 8 channel loudspeaker array. Indoors, the 8 channel loudspeaker array played a reconfigured version of the immediate outdoor soundscape, while both 170-speakers played variations on the same materials. In this way the barrier between outside and inside became more transparent.


Neither of the two 170-speakers were waterproof (a challenge that had been resolved by the time of the Presence / Nærvær installation). Unfortunately, we encountered adverse weather conditions, and on one particular day, we had to improvise by using an umbrella to shield the speaker from the rain.

The composition consisted of many layers of different durations of materials which I mixed into a 1 hour loop without clear beginning or end. The work was created in technical collaboration with Franz Zotter and the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM).

"Inversion 3: Speaking Surfaces" was remixed into a 15 minute stereo piece for the Reconfiguring the Landscape documentation CD and given a new title: "Speaking Spaces 2: Surfaces from Graz".

The work was part of the Reconfiguring the Landscape project.

Inversion 3: Speaking Surfaces outdoor documentation.

Inversion 3: Speaking Surfaces outdoor documentation.

The festival made a documentation video which can be viewed in vimeo: