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Antiphonal duos


The ensemble setup works like a map for the antiphonal fragments. Through Antiphonal duos, each singer is accompanied by a nearby musician. 5 duos have fixed roles:


  • Static, frozen blocks with the very high soprano Stine Motland and celesta.
  • Overtone or nasal singing with almglocken.
  • Quartertone melodies in a narrow range. Liv Runesdatter's background from folk music give the material a context, through vocal colour, intonation and ornaments. The microtonal organ is some times sustained through the irregular circular attack cycles of the groups. The 'Expansion of Grains tuning'[1] contain intervals of overtone ratios where every octave is a new world to explore. These variable intervals can well coexist with a folk music vocal expression, while exactly doubling pitches from the organ proved less realistic.
  •  Noisy  multiphonic or subharmonic voice sounds are accompanied by noises of a tam-tam.
  • Quartertone melodies in large range are accompanied by harp arpeggios. Eva Bjerga Haugen's jazz background give entrances a transparent colour.















































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[1] Ruben Sverre Gjertsen, 2013, 3 Manual Microtonal Organ, p. 15.