This is the list of students you supervise. If a student is missing,

first check if there is a new invitation in or please mail me.

To view their research expositions,


Dear supervisors,


With the deadline approaching for 2nd-year master students, I'd like to inform you all about the approval for submission procedure using the Research Catalogue.

1. At some point before the deadline, your students will notify you when they are ready for you to the submission of their research. If they do not notify you on time, please remind the student and contact Roos Leeflang (
2. Upon receiving their notification, login to the Research Catalogue and scroll down to RESEARCH EXPOSITIONS (SUPERVISED) on your profile page:

3. You'll be taken to their research exposition page—this is where you can leave a post-it of approval.

To do so, look near the top of the window where you will see a menu item, REVIEWING. You may need to move your mouse to open this navigation menu.

If there is a menu, but it contains no REVIEWING option,  continue here.

Hover your mouse over this menu item and a drop-down submenu appears—click on add new note:


4. A new post-it note will appear. Type in the following:


[your name]

It will look something like this:

You can move the note if you want. 

That's all, please let me know if any problem is encountered.

Best, Casper

Casper Schipper
Technical Assistant Research Catalogue


after typing, click anywhere outside the note to save it !