There were three workshops, each with different aims which are the following:

WORKSHOP#1: “Drawing and perspective. Exploration of spatial representation.”


  • Seeing the world: measuring, comparing and observation drawing;

  • Structuring the world: systems of perspective

  • Equip participants with analytical skills for space analysis

  • Representation and communication of space through drawing activities

WORKSHOP#2: "Optical and Haptic Drawing: Exploring Spatial Representation through the Senses"


  • Emphasize a bodily and sensorial dimension in understanding what surrounds us

  • Respond to sensory stimuli to better perceive the shapes of objects: feel, touch, perceive and represent.

  • Awakening to experience and interpretation in the representation process

WORSHOP#3: "Drawing Empty Spaces: Exploring Spatial Representation through Absences"


  • The understanding of space through the figure/background relationship.

  • Representation of diagrammatic spatial structures.

  • Introduction to representation tools.

  • Adaptation of the drawing tools to the represented space.