Mapping Territories: Drawing and Representation of Space


Organization Team:

  • Silvia Simões, FBAUP / I2ADS
  • Flávia Costa, FBAUP / I2ADS
  • Pedro Alegria, FBAUP / I2AD

Mapping territories: Drawing and the representation of space

(11.10.2023 - 25.10.2023).

Oriented by Flávia Costa,Pedro Alegria e Sílvia Simões (DRAWinU-i2ADS).

Organized by Ana Sofia Guimarães (FEUP/DEC) and Sílvia Simões (FBAUP/I2ADS), Flávia Costa, Pedro Alegria and Sílvia Simões (DRAWinU-i2ADS). Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

Number of participants: 15


SYNOPSIS: Understanding space and its representation are fundamental in the training of Civil Engineering. A specific space is determined by a set of relationships that define and identify it. Representing these relationships constitutes a challenge, and it is in this context that exploring drawing in the representation of these spaces as an integral tool of the learning process is important.
The collaborative workshop on civil engineering and drawing, consisting of 3 sessions with voluntary participation, is proposed as an extracurricular activity. This activity, of visual-spatial content, seeks to develop a new reflective approach to the subject matter in partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto / i2ADS - Institute of Research in Art, Design, and Society, within the scope of the research project DRAWinU - Drawing Across University Borders

The workshop is aimed at students of FEUP and aims to equip participants with analysis, representation, and communication skills of space through drawing activities.
#1 Drawing and perspective. Exploring spatial representation (11.10.2023). Oriented by Pedro Alegria (i2ADS-FBAUP). Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.
#2 Optic and Haptic Drawing (18.10.2023). Oriented by Flávia Costa (i2ADS). Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.
#3 Drawing negative spaces: Exploring spatial representation through absences (25.10.2023). Oriented by Sílvia Simões (i2ADS-FBAUP). Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.


Drawin in U Project 

The project DRAWinU (DOI 10.54499/PTDC/ART-OUT/3560/2021) aims to undertake a longitudinal study on the relationship of students and researchers with drawing within the University to develop new learning strategies and research skills based on drawing activities in Higher Education. DRAWinU is focused on the learning impact, the promotion of creative thinking, visual-spatial reasoning, project methodology and the dissemination of knowledge through drawing. The frame for this study is the research units and classrooms of the Faculties of the University of Porto (UP). UP provides a learning and research context where drawing can be addressed in a common framework in which Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Art coexist: by confronting its differences, we can also find its common ground.