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“I1 have2 established3 various4 rules5 that6 remove7 decision8 making9 once10 a11 painting12 has13 started14,15 including16 the17 choice18 of19 colour20,21 paintbrush22 size23 and24 the25 process26 of27 application28.29  Added30 to31 this32,33 each34 painting35 is36 gradually37 covered38 as39 it40 develops41.42  After43 each44 layer45 has46 been47 completed48,49 a50 narrow51 section52 is53 covered54 with55 a56 strip57 of58 paper59 over60 and61 over62 again63.64 The65 painting66 is67 finished68 when69 there70 is71 nothing72 visible73 left74 to75 paint76.77  It78 also79 has80 the81 effect82 of83 hiding84 what85 is86 completed87,88 so89 there90 is91 no92 room93 for94 adjustment95 or96 changing97 what98 has99 been100 done101.102  


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