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“Although1 the2 process3 of4 making5 each6 painting7 comes8 to9 an10 end11,12 they13 are14 works15 in16 progress17.18  When19 one20 is21 finished22 another23 is24 started25,26 but27 not28 always29 immediately30.31 The32 times33 in34 between35 works36 is37 as38 important39.40 I41 can42 learn43 about44 painting45 by46 doing47 it48 or49 not50 doing51 it52.53 Either54 way55,56 it57 should58 be59 liberating60.61 I62 shouldn’t63 want64 to65 feel66 tied67 to68 what69 I70 do71 or72 what73 I74 might75 say76 about77 painting78.79


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